Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoe Dummy

I love this adorable little swim suit on the Trist-man.  The pool has opened here and the boys are loving it!  Kyler has been asking ever since it closed after Labor Day last year when it would open again.  He has no concept of yesterday/today/tomorrow, much less "in eight months".
Tristan loves to play what I call "shoe dummy".  When he wants to go somewhere, he spends the day bringing me whatever shoes he can find.  If I'm dumb enough to put them on him, he soon has them off and wants me to put them back on...  He sometimes likes to help dress himself when he finds random baby clothes around.
 I've had the pottery piece on the right since Emily, my college freshman roommate, gave it to me for Christmas way back then.  I finally decided to take a picture of it and lay it to rest.  Note all the breaks and repairs.  I replaced it with the piece on the left, but will miss this one and the thoughtfulness behind it.
Tristan continues to enjoy experimenting with makeup.  His favorites are still mascara and lipstick.  I decided to take the bull by the horns on Monday (Memorial Day) and try the one-day potty-training method since Dean took the big boys fishing with Dr. Yun (a Korean civilian vet at work).  Alas, as the book details, the trainee must be cooperative, and this guy isn't exactly.  So it didn't go well.  We are doing what the book says to help him become cooperative, and are seeing some improvement, and are still dabbling with the potty.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can get at it again.

I'm due in a week!  We shall see what happens.  

We put Hunter and Kyler into the same bedroom again, as we decided that there's no reason for them to be-foul two rooms in the house.  So Tristan is in his own room, which means he doesn't get woken up early every morning by BoyWhoGoesToSchool, so it's working out great already.  

And, a tip for the interested:  I dabbed a bit of castor oil on Tristan's chest and forehead bruises, but not the one on his back.  All the bruises had a little hard nodule in the center (except the one on his forehead).  Dean said it was probably calcification as the blood is (slowly) resorbed.  All those bruises (minus the forehead one) came from him finally tumbling a few steps down our hardwood spiral stairs some time ago (love this army housing).  Well, the ones on his chest began healing finally and are now gone (along with the forehead one, which has been replaced by a new one - it never ends with hemophilia boy), but not the one on his back.  Amazing.  I love non-drug treatments! If castor oil isn't on the shelf at the drug store, it's sometimes behind the counter, and is not costly.


Unknown said...

Love the updates - so excited for your new little family member to arrive. Keep us posted!

Kristal said...

I didn't know castor oil could be used for bruises. Actually I didn't know what it was good for only that back in the good 'ole days you got some if you were naughty. One week to go! Yeah! I'm glad your mom will be there to help. That would be a big relief to me. How long is she going to stay?