Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mini Squash and Biting Fish

Welp, if you read the last post, all about Hunter, it is gone.  He came across it, and I was currently logged in, so he thought he would edit something, and managed to delete the whole post.  Apparently there was a comment - so I never got to read it :(  That basically describes Hunter Pants in a nutshell.  We went to parent-teacher conferences this week for the boys and Hunter has been getting better at turning in his homework.  He has made a friend, Emma D., who also likes to read.  Kyler is enthusiastic in his class about minding everyone else's business and insisting that they complete their work - more so than he is concerned about his own. 

 I never did post enough about last summer, 2012!  We drove to New Mexico to visit all the family there after two years in Korea.  Dean had to come back up to work in Washington after a couple of weeks, but he flew back down for our birthdays AND for his 20 year class reunion for Manzano High School.  We didn't make it to his 10 year reunion, back in the vet school days.  He actually won a $25 gift card to Lowe's for being one of the people to have traveled the farthest to be there.  The only person with more than four kids (our current number, along with a few other classmates) was an LDS classmate who happened to be his former bishop's daughter.  He didn't know her back in high school, though.  It was fun, and I was glad the Salgados and Knapps made it so I knew some people to chat with.  We toured the ol' school and took the children to the picnic lunch as well. 

Grandma Dee kept the kids while we spent a night at a hotel and had a lovely overnight date for our birthdays, August 3rd and 4th.  For nostalgia's sake we toured the campus of the University of New Mexico, our undergraduate alma mater.  Oh, the memories!  We took the above picture in front of the ugly statue.  We had a yummy dinner across the street at the Frontier Restaurant.  Our college days seem like a lifetime ago.   
 Before we left on our long trip to NM, I pushed a few seeds in pots and cinder blocks and arranged for them to be watered a bit, along with purchased tomato and pepper plants.  We had a small harvest of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and these tiny squashes - which we still haven't eaten.  I learned once again that gardens must have lots of sun or they won't grow/produce.  
 This picture of the lovely Ronelle is from 2010, but it's always fun to get together and go shopping and sit around chatting.  It was especially fun to shop in America after being gone for so long!
Did I ever mention that soon before we left Korea we went to a Dr. Fish cafe?  These toothy little fish bite the calluses off your feet.  It tickles!  The boys loved it, though they don't get nearly as much action on their tender little feet as Dean and I.