Friday, August 17, 2012

Update on the Hunter Front

Hello, Hunter here. Yesterday Kyler did one of his infamous temper tantrums. (Highly entertaining but very distracting if you are trying to do something). Since mom is too busy to do any blogging so I'm doing it until were done unpacking. I like it here because it is dim enough for me to wear my glasses without getting blinded by brightness when I'm outside. Plus the air is much cleaner than Seoul's air. Kyler is very good at making friends. So it wasn't a surprise that Kyler had made friends with every kid on the street in the first ten minutes. We stayed here for an uneventful month. Then we went on a road trip that included my uncle on the 1st half and my grandma on the 2nd half. (my dad and uncle rode back to Washington in a car that my other grandma had been keeping safe). We had also gone to Disneyland and Sea World during the trip. Two days after we arrived back in Washington the main stuff from Korea arrived. (The stuff in storage had already arrived).