Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fly the Dragon

 We had a glorious Saturday.  Once we finally left the house around 11 (we never can seem to get an early start), we headed for the Washington coast.  I commented to Dean about how we should take the kids to a pumpkin patch now that we are back in the states.  I don't think we had been to one since Hunter was in preschool in Albuquerque.  Then lo and behold, there were signs for one along our way, so we detoured just a bit to the farm where they had lots of produce to purchase, a hay bale maze (Tristan was the first to find his way through it), and tractor rides to the pumpkin patch.  Tristan picked out a misshapen green job, Kyler opted for one that Dean had to carry for him, and Hunter was wise enough to listen to his mother and choose a sensible one that will be great for carving.

Next we headed into the rain forest.  It brought back fond memories of hiking in the rain forests of Astoria, OR.  We saw the world's largest sitka spruce, pictured above and left.

And then we finally made it to the beach.  It was Cambria's first time to get out in it.  At one point the tide came in up to her bottom.  The water is awfully cold on the northwest coast, and she didn't care for it at all.  Kyler was nearest to her and plucked her out.  I had a change of clothes for her.  Dean brought the dragon kite and let each of the big boys have a turn flying it.  The wind was perfect.  Last, we had dinner at the lodge where this beach is.  Yeesh!  There really weren't any other options (unless you count a gas station), so we paid a whole lot for tiny portions - and waited for ages!  Just ask Cambria who screamed for 40 minutes until our simple orders came.  330 miles round trip and we were home after 10pm.  I'm amazed that the weather is still sunny and beautiful this late into the season.  It has only rained a time or two since we've been home from our summer travels (two months!).