Monday, October 24, 2011

Train Me Now

Daddy-O is away for the week playing Army, so up late I stay.  I have found a book that will hopefully revolutionize our lives.  Today after school we spent an hour training how to come through the door, where to put backpacks and shoes, what doesn't belong in the entry, how to clean the bathroom, etc.  Nothing new... If we actually develop all these good habits, what will Griselda, our Wednesday Angel do?  I still struggle mentally with paying someone to clean my home, but she is a blessing to us, and it blesses her life to earn money here to send to her family in the Philippines.  It breaks my heart that she had to leave her husband and four children behind.  I wonder why I was born into better circumstances?  She adores our little people.  We have a long way to go, so maybe in eight short months when we leave here, we won't need a housekeeper any more.
Cambria sits at four months with just a bit of back support.  Saturday we felt her first tooth, and today I felt the next - both on the bottom.  These pictures are with the new camera!!!  I have so much to learn.  I brightened these up a bit with the computer.  On Saturday we went to an air show at another base here in Seoul (pictures will come when Dean returns with his iPhone).  Tristan enjoyed it the most of the boys, as he is enthralled with "ha-panes" and "dot-ters" right now (airplanes and helicopters).  There were as many as 8 fighter planes at a time to watch, and it was a thrill.  Hunter won a 50,000 won (~$42) gift certificate to the Nike store in Itaewon, by charming the announcer calling out raffle ticket numbers. 
 Tristan is my love bug and has been reclaiming my lap of late.  There's plenty of room for them both.  He has developed eczema, so we try not to bathe him as much.  I suspect it is due to milk or wheat, but it is soooo hard to change our whole food life to figure it out, especially when he demands a "gink" from me with those big hazel eyes, and since he tries to live on PBJs and cereal.  He has been in big boy underwear exclusively for a month, and has yet to have an accident away from home or at night, but nearly every day he drops a load at home.

Yesterday was our Primary Program at church, where the kids sing the songs they have been learning all year and each child has a small part.  It was delightful, and we could hear Kyler singing from where we sat in the back.  He has taken that over from Hunter.  Afterward we had a Primary Activity during the normal primary time, with stations about scripture heroes.  Hunter did a station about David, of David and Goliath fame, to fulfill a Faith in God requirement.  While I didn't have enormous responsibilities (as a counselor in the presidency) it is still a load off my mind to have it all behind us now.  I have been filling in as a den leader as well to Hunter's bear den until we can find a real replacement.  I feel like I'm doing a mediocre job (at best) of everything right now. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hot Date

This little lady is the delight of our lives right now.  She is beloved by all.
 Recently, Tristan was menacing Cambria on our bed in the morning, so I told him to get down.  He did, but took a tumble on the way and ended up with a pretty good gash on his forehead near the scalp, that ended up needing stitches.  We haven't needed those since Hunter was a baby and bitten by Pancho.  Tristan was pretty good while they stitched him up in the ER, though he clearly didn't like it, and certainly felt each stitch.  We had planned a lunch date for that day, since Dean had just gotten back from the U.S., so it consisted of Dean picking up some grilled ham n' cheeses from the cafeteria. The staff at the hemophilia clinic were happy to see us again (after the ER), especially Cambria.  

We visited the zoo on Columbus day.  It was surprisingly busy for a Korean work day.  The weather couldn't have been more lovely. 
The highlight for me had to be riding the tram.  It was perfectly peaceful, and they were able accommodate us all, including Cambria in her car seat and a big stroller.

Dean, Kyler and Tristan rode in one seat,
while Hunter, Cambria and I rode in another. The leaves are just starting to turn.  I love the change of colors.
Yesterday we went down to Osan to Ange and Brian's open house at their new love nest.  Their apartment was way cool, like so many Korean apartments.  Since it's on the top floor of their building, it had a loft and an outdoor area.  I would love a loft someday, when I have my dream home.  But that would mean settling down and building something.  Yes, that's my dream.  How many more moves and years stand in the way, I wonder?