Sunday, August 28, 2011

Look Into My Eyes

 Exhibit A  Kyler pretending to sleep.  Note, I would not give Cambria to a truly sleeping Kyler, and he is now missing his two front teeth.  He is our most eager baby holder, which is a great help when Mom is trying to fix dinner, or help Tristan, or answer the phone, or extract respectable behavior from the boys . . .  Turns out that having four is more work than, say,  three, or two, or one.  She is a wonderful baby, though, and if she is well fed, usually just needs to be swaddled and given a pacifier to be happy.  And of course she loves to be held.  Apparently girl babies need to be looked at a lot in order to feel loved.  I have certainly noticed that she will gaze into my eyes for a long time when I'm holding her or nursing her.  I love it! 
 Exhibit B  Tristan loves all things Cambria, including hair ornaments.  Frankly, his hair is more spectacular than hers at this point, and probably for a long time to come.  He modeled head gear Thursday morning, before banging the bridge of his nose while playing on the couch at home.  The juicy hematoma is now draining between his eyes. It looks like a rainbow-y horn. 
 Exhibit C.1  A horn is not enough.  Here his chipped tooth is visible.  His play is getting more H&K like.  He has been in training for two years, after all.  It happened soon after the horn.  I must again sing the praises of Oxiclean.  It got all the dark chocolate and pink Crystal Light out of this white shirt.  It comes in a spray bottle, a gel tube, or a jug.  I have the jug and use a toothbrush to apply it to such indiscretions.
 Exhibit C.2  All dressed up for church.  Trist-man was not cooperative and wouldn't be coaxed into this picture.  Our camera has decided to become crappy of late.  Sometimes it takes decent pictures, and more often it does this.  I have the urge to spend a lot to get a decent one, since Cambria is growing so fast.  She doesn't look like a newborn anymore - no longer red and wrinkly, and I fear I've missed too much already.  Of course it would take time to research and figure out what camera to buy, and I just don't seem to have enough of that lately.  For all I know maybe it is just on some weird setting; I need to look in the manual under "crappy".
 Exhibit C.3  She and I are wearing the same outfits as the last time we took a Sunday picture.  I haggled a bit off my side-swept bangs and am trying out this look.  I kinda like it, but need to have them trimmed by a pro. 
 Exhibit C.4  Proud Papa.  He said today that he is surprised at just how excited I am about having a girl.  Really?  I've been wanting girl babies for 10 YEARS.  I took a walk up to Itaewon yesterday to the antique district and drooled over many lovely things, and pondered many ideas for a girlie bedroom.  Of course I'll have to wait until she's out of her baby-hood.  I did find the most adorable (new) round, velvet, button-tufted purple pillow, that will go beautifully in her bedroom some day.   
 Exhibit C.5  The uncooperative one.  He needed a nap, but looked so cute in his three-piece suit that I got Daddy-o to wrangle him into a crappy-camera picture, horn and all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potty Miracle!

Tristan is holding a knife behind his back trying to open this box of diapers that he was desperate for, just last week!
We've been dabbling more with potty training the Trist-man, but not doing it consistently makes it hit and mess.  Swim lessons have gotten in the way of training, since we all have to leave every morning for them.  This is the eighth and final week - whew!  So today must have been the day.  He was all about the potty, going to the bathroom himself, undressing himself (often closing the door, which is more than Hunter does - even with company over), climbing up on the big 'un (with the padded seat insert) doing the deed, then redressing himself!  I've been giddy all day over it!  He is 25 months.  I knew he could do it!  He only had one accident at the end of the day.  I never have re-done the one-day method since the first attempt before Cambria was born. 
Kyler is dressed in his swim attire.

As for swimming lessons, Kyler apparently doesn't like diving - says it hurts his nose, and didn't want to go this week since his class has been working on it.  He lost his second front tooth today.  It looked awful dangling there by itself, and I was going to get a picture but he yanked it before I could.  The boys have been learning to keep track of their swim goggles this summer, as they desperately want them every day for swim lessons, which is remarkable for them to keep track of anything!  Hunter is getting quite tan from being in the sun every day.  Kyler's fair skin doesn't tan much, and fortunately hasn't been burning much either. 

We blessed Cabria Rose a week ago Sunday in church.  As always I only seem to do projects when I have a deadline, so I was hand sewing the crushed fabric roses on the bodice as we drove to church.  She was an angel and slept through the whole meeting, including her blessing.  She did manage to poo at the end of the meeting, which of course blasted right through her new size 2 Huggies diapers and sullied the dress.  I put a onesie on her just for that purpose, which did contain most of it, along with her tights.  Huggies fail!  I got it all out by brushing liquid Oxyclean on it and washing on gentle.  My mom made most of the dress while she was here, so I finished it (hemming, buttons/holes, closing the lining, roses, etc.)  We'll get more pictures soon.

We got the game Settlers of Catan in March of this year, and have been playing it like crazy since, with anyone we can.  Hunter and Kyler can even play, and Hunter has won a time or two.  We highly recommend it, and would love to play with anyone who is inclined!