Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Imagine My Surprise

 A few weeks ago at church Dean walked into the primary room after meetings were over with my Uncle Louis - imagine that in Korea!  They've been serving a mission in Russia and have to leave every 90 days in order to maintain a visa there.  They knew that they were supposed to meet up with someone in Seoul when they came, but couldn't remember for the life of them who it was.  It was us, and Dean recognized Uncle Louis in Priesthood meeting and we were delighted to have visitors.  They came home with us and had lunch and played games.  We always love company.  I was about 39 weeks pregnant at that point, so the next time they come we'll have a three-month young baby to show them!
 Hunter worked on a project for some time in his gifted class at school, and we were able to attend his presentation of it.  He studied and reported on the cultures of the U.S., Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  He did very well, except for covering his face when he saw me pull out the camera : )
 I need to cut Kyler's shaggy hair before he does this style again!
 We worked out the timing very well with my mom's visit.  It's been a great help to have her around with Miss Cambria and the boys!
The boys are all enthralled with our sweet baby and constantly ask to hold her.
She is still one hungry girl, and I'm still not making enough to satisfy her, though I finally "let down" my milk today, which she gulped.  She gets too cozy and falls asleep when nursing, so 'round and 'round we go.
We are all so excited to finally have a girl around here.
She is definitely a keeper!  Even though she is a big newborn, she still seems tiny.  She's not chubby; she was 21.5 inches long at birth, and was down to 8lb14oz four days after she was born.  She is now one week old. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! So happy to hear things worked out well and mom and baby and family are well! Send me your address, we'd love to girlie up the Lavalee's!:) Much love, the Paulsens

Skousen Seven said...

How cool that Uncle Lois and Aunt Louise ended up with you all:) That is so cool!!!
Cambria is such a doll and its so cute to see the pictures of the boys being so gentle with her:)

***** said...

She is perfect, of course. Just perfect.

So proud of Hunter and his continuing to be above average. Thought of him and missed his awesome voice through the Father's Day song last Sunday.

Kyler is such a good looker. Sorry but even a mohawk looks good on him.

Company in Korea!!! What a fabulous, unexpected surprise.

Miss you. Love you.

OUR HOUSE said...

I LOVE that second to last picture - I could eat her up!:)

The Merrills said...

I thought you all knew that the Burnhams were coming to Korea...

Janene said...

She's Gorgeous!!!