Monday, July 4, 2011

the 4th

 Here is our 4th child - it's still hard to believe that we have four now.  Same goes for the Koreans.  They can't believe it either, and count them all when we come around.  She is a doll, and has been sleeping 'round the clock lately, including through the night.  That sounds great, except that by morning those who feed her are overflowing...
We started to celebrate this guy's golden birthday on July 2nd, and had his favorite for dinner - pizza.  Then we decided to wait and continue the rest of the (simple) festivities on Sunday the 3rd.  Spence and Rachel came over and had cheesecake with us, and with a little direction from Mommy, he blew out his own candle.  The toy Cars camera was the favorite of the presents - just ask Hunter and Kyler.
He is a fantastic big brother, always wanting to keep her pacifier handy, and shove his fingers in her ears to be sure they are OK, or test the seat belts to be sure that they are working - by unbuckling hers...  He was rocking her so vigorously the other day in her car seat at home that I thought the whole thing would launch.
He did help put the chairs up after church yesterday.
Today we decided to put on our party hats and say "goodbye"

We kept Cambria covered with a light blanket to keep the sun and the Koreans off her.  They don't take their own babies out of the house for a number of months after birth, but have no problem fingering others' babies.

to Seoul for just a bit.  We went to Namhan Mountain and hiked around.  It was great exercise for the out-of-shape post-partum one, except that my shoes were killing my feet and I went barefoot the last downhill stretch.  Apparently these particular shoes really are too small, as my feet aren't swollen any more.
Here's part of the wall, which is essentially the fortress (one long wall).  The map above was handy.
I've realized that once you've seen one Buddhist Temple, you've pretty much seen them all.  I like to look anyway.
I really liked the giant orchids growing in the pots on the right.  At home, every time I sit down to nurse the baby I notice that my orchid looks dry, and remember that I haven't watered it in ages.  But since I'm sitting down nursing I can't do anything about it, and once I get up I forget.  I finally remembered today, and one leaf is pretty much a goner.  Poor orchid.
We have a similar picture of Proud Papa with baby Hunter way back when he was in vet school.  I think he was actually studying then, rather than playing games.  I don't miss those days.

So that's what we did in Korea on July 4th.  We did go to the base to see the awesome fireworks show on July 2nd (Saturday).  We told the boys that the fireworks were for Tristan's birthday.  They were impressed.

I am at a complete loss for a new name for the blog.  Ideas???


OUR HOUSE said...

You've got 3 boys and 2 girls - in cards or Yahtzee, that's a FULL HOUSE - So there's my two cents for a new blog name:) Of course, that does make me think of the TV show with the same name.....

Kristi Degn said...

Cambria is so beautiful!! Neat to count our blessings, and I love reading about yours. :)

lmerrill said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend. Glad you all are able to see the sites and enjoy the kiddies. How about: Becky's Adventurers.

Kristal said...

I'm glad your feeling good enough to go for a hike. Do you know if Cambria has hemophilia too? I hope not. Glad Tristen is such a big helper;)

Living Lavallee said...

Fortunately (is that fortunate?) only boys get it, so no worries for Cambria.