Friday, July 22, 2011

I Never Imagined

We went to a children's museum with lots of fun stuff recently.
... that we would upgrade our video gaming system.  I let the boys buy an old school Nintendo Game Cube a couple of years ago (with their money).  Recently someone we know was selling a nearly-new Wii.  I mentioned it to Dean, and without hesitation he said "let's get it!"  He had been wanting to try the Wii Fit for exercise.  He has been using it, even doing yoga, which apparently he's been wanting to try  for a while.  If all the posture exercises convince him to hold his head high instead of slouching (one of my pet peeves!), then I'll be happy.  I won't let the boys use it without Dean around.  They've treated their Game Cube like a red-headed step child, so I'm not about to let them trash this.  Hunter wailed and then hid for hours when his friend came over the other day and I denied them of it.  He has stopped asking.

She has the longest, prettiest fingers, and often uses the pacifier.
Now I know what it is like to take all four kids shopping.  Somehow I've managed to avoid it thus far.  I told the boys I'd get them something at Taco Bell if they would be exceptionally good.  I wore Cambria in a pouch, and had Hunter push Tristan in the umbrella stroller.  Kyler's been stealing at stores once again, we discovered recently, so he got to sit in the basket of the shopping cart that I pushed.  At one point Hunter managed to separate himself (and Tristan) from me, and ran right to the front to have me paged.  Oh, joy.  Kyler tipped the cart completely over while he was in it (I was looking at something); he jumped out before it hit the floor at least.  He spent the rest of the time whining about wanting to get his quarter from the van to buy a gumball.  Hunter pointed out a magazine in the checkout stand that had a headline about how to get rid of a fat belly, and thought I should buy it for myself.  I got Hunter a burrito at Taco Bell, since he was actually helpful, and Kyler got to eat leftovers for lunch at home.  We all got to listen to him carry on about it the whole way home, and I doubt that it cured him of any of his misbehaviors, but I felt a little vindication, and that's what matters.       
Tristan loves all things baby.  He can't get out of the swing by himself.
Tristan woke from a nap with nasty goop coming out of one ear the other day.  His ear drum must have ruptured, and it turns out both ears are infected.  He never made a peep about it or showed any sign of illness.  The lady who uses him to model occasionally called late this afternoon to see if he was available to finish a shoot, since the other kid who was modeling was having a melt down.  Dean was able to come home from work and stay with the boys while I went with him and Cambria in a taxi.  Between Tristan and Kyler they've made about $1000 now (all going to college funds).
I was trying to remove the redeye, but managed to do this instead, and it's saved, grrrr.
Hunter and Kyler have had four weeks of swim lessons now, and have four more to go.  They have loved playing in the water forever, but it wasn't what anyone would call swimming.  Now they are learning for real.  I never did learn to dive, just belly flop.

Not sure what it means, but finally got a picture.

They were both very sleepy after church.  Kyler loves holding Cambria most of all.
We went to a Korean water park recently and were required to wear swim caps.  The black ones looked like doo rags, and the caps made it hard to spot the kids amongst all the Korean kids.  Normally it's easy with their hair that isn't black.  I was afraid of a repeat of our last trip to a water park two years ago when Tristan was one month old (like Cambria is now) and I got stuck holding him the whole time while the rest of our party had a grand time.  I made sure that didn't happen this time. She was a hit with the Koreans, of course.  Water parks and cameras don't much go together, so I didn't get any pictures.


KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I would have avoided going shopping too! I have a hard time with just two boys! Hopefully Cambria is still sleeping around the clock so you can have the energy to keep up with those boys:) Cambria is such a cutie!

our big bus said...

Wow it have been a while since I have taken the time to blog stock. So much has happened in your family. Congratulations on Baby number 3 and 4....hahaha
A girl How exciting for everyone. I loved ready through your post. What an adventure you are having in Korea.
I can't believe you guys will be done with the Army next June. I can't wait to see what your next adventure will be.

The Merrills said...

Good times it sounds like. We're glad you record them.

Kristal said...

Cambria is filling out! She really does have long fingers. I'm glad I'm not the only mom that feels vindication in punishing my children. It might not do a whole lot for behavior, but it does make me feel better. Glad I'm not the only struggling mom. Good luck!