Friday, February 4, 2011

Half-way House

Yeah, that's what it feels like around here much of the time; I live with devious miscreants who always seem to be conspiring against me, or against my sanity at least.  We are nearly to the half-way point of Dean's current absence, so 5+ weeks to go.  He is kept busy with assignments at CCC.  I'm trying to keep busy at home. 
I was looking through the most recent pictures uploaded to the computer from our cameras, Dean's camera being his iphone.  There were scores of fuzzy, crappy pictures, taken of a box, or part of someone's head, etc., or this of my sexy army man.  It was pretty much the only salvageable picture of all that the little people had taken, even though it is fuzzy.  I am guessing they got hold of his iphone and snapped away.  I love seeing him in this much of his uniform - only around the house of course.  I am guessing he is peeling fruit for his lunch there.  He towers over me in his boots when I am barefoot, which I usually am around the house.  Tristan pushes the little yellow chair to the kitchen all the time to help himself to all the excitement he can find on the counter tops or the stove. 
I'm way behind blogging signs and sightings in Korea.  I saw this car recently while driving on the freeway.  It took several shots to get a decent one - I was driving after all. 

This would be a small apartment building.  I'm not sure what was intended with the name of it.
I went visiting teaching recently, which was most worrisome as trying to find anything around here for the first time is an enormous challenge for me.  But, we had good directions from our visitee and made it on time.  The boys immediately hunted for her poor cat, who spent the entire time hiding.  They couldn't resist the loft, and ran up and down the stairs quite a bit. 
Tristan is getting better at eating with a utensil, but we have a long way to go.  He isn't screaming quite as much lately, which is a blessed relief.
Hunter went to a birthday party a while back and this was his piece of cake, that the DAD made, our branch president no less.  He had no instructions or anything, just went to town with what he had and made a most amazing cake with a waterfall! 
I'm not sure what happened to Santa here in Hannam Village during the holidays.  His head was back on by the next day, fortunately. 

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The Merrills said...

Your photos make your stay in Korea look so adventuresome