Friday, October 15, 2010

Saved at last

 Hunter has been anxiously awaiting his baptism for some time now.  The day finally came, 10-10-10, about a month after he turned 8.  We decided years ago that there wasn't any reason for the kids to take the sacrament, since they weren't baptized, and all it is/was to them was a snack/drink, and an opportunity to be irreverent and obnoxious.  So, hopefully it will mean something to him now as he starts to take it.  We tried for a picture of the occasion.
 And tried.
 And tried some more.  Ah, well.  This is our reality.  Tristan had other things in mind to do.
Dean baptized and confirmed him here in Seoul at our church building.  We did it in conjunction with the Stanley family who were baptizing Emma.  We all shared a bit of lunch afterward.

 On the way home, Tristan made a most wonderful discovery.


Haylee said...

Congratulations Hunter! The family pictures are awesome. I can't definitely relate to them.

lizzylovell said...

Tell him congratulations for us. i love the pics they will be way fun to look back at and remember how fun and out going the boys were. We miss you!

***** said...

How exciting!!! Hunter is such a good boy and so handsome because you and Dean are such great parents. The photos are classic! Awesome!

The Merrills said...

The kids grow up so fast these days.

Dawna Greer said...

What a great day for Hunter and an easy way to remember the date--10/10/10.