Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hollywood Trash

"The way we're living now, we've got another 50 years with that person. Who would want to be with the same person for 80 years? Why not break it up a little bit?" - Cameron Diaz

I'm not at all surprised to read such tripe from a celebrity simpleton.  It could well be that she hasn't dated a quality-enough person who would be worth spending a lifetime with.  I imagine she dates people much like herself, so I imagine they wouldn't care to spend a lifetime with her either.  What is really sad, to me, is all the otherwise-good people in our society who admire these egocentric boobs, and fork out way too much money to pay homage to them on the big screen.  There are good movies out there that are worth seeing, but the majority of what comes out is all too reflective of what the "stars" lives are really like - full of one night stands, adultery, drugs, violence, and generally boorish, attention-seeking behavior.

It broke my heart to hear a group of teenage girls a few months back, nearly every one of them, say that her aspirations in life were to be "a celebutante", or "an actress", or "a singer", etc.  So they do indeed admire these people who can't maintain relationships, have no morals or values in life (other than self worship and the pursuit of fame, fortune, fun, and what feels good), and are forever going to jail or dying from their addictions.  I have no use for the common celebrity.  Of course there are exceptions, but they certainly aren't who make the news.


Adriane said...

Well said! Nathan and I like watching good movies ("good" being the key word!) but of course realize that the actors themselves are always a disappointment (ahem.. Mel Gibson). It's so unfortunate that teenagers don't always make that connection.

The Merrills said...

All true.