Friday, June 26, 2009

no news

I haven't anything new to report. I'm all ready to go, so we're just waiting for Baby to drop. He's taking his sweet time. I will be 40 weeks tomorrow. My mom has been here for nearly a week, as we all await the blessed event. Dean was supposed to go to Fort Eustis yesterday and get back late tonight, but he was excused by his commander because of my situation. He is supposed to go to Roanoke Rapids, NC tomorrow, but again is excused.

I took my mom and the boys to Wilmington, NC the other day, and stopped by the aquarium. Here I am looking thrilled with life and "big as a barrel", as a door-to-door meat salesman blurted recently as I opened the door. No, I didn't buy any meat from him.

This is an albino alligator, which apparently wouldn't survive in the wild because he has no protection from the sun.

Here's my mom...

Kyler is never at a loss for entertainment and trying potential new styles and trends, such as dishwashing gloves on the feet.

The magnolia trees here have been blooming and they are glorious. Those are white flowers dispersed throughout the tree. I wish it was a better picture.


Brynn said...

I'm so sorry there's no news yet! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you :)

Clint and Celeste said...

You look great,Becky! Hope your little one comes soon! Good luck and we can't wait to see the pictures! :)

Lisa said...

Hey Becky - I hope your next post has some baby news to report. That little baby needs to get on with it already!