Monday, June 15, 2009

Christmas in June

So I tagged along with some friends who were going to an estate sale for a child care center on base yesterday. It is closing so they are getting rid of everything - all the toys, baby items, desks, furniture, appliances, etc. My dad has said before that a good yard sale is as good as Christmas, and that can be true! I found a number of things, for great yard-sale prices, to use for the baby and for the boys. Then we hit a yard sale on the base and I found more treasures for the boys. Hunter has probably spent 10 hours over this weekend playing with this contraption that he assembles, then sends marbles circling through. Kyler likes the idea of playing with it, but mostly takes it apart or otherwise demolishes it while Hunter is working on it, which is upsetting to Hunter - but oh, well, he needs to learn patience and to get along!

Speaking of Kyler, with the new summer schedule, or lack of one with Hunter being out of school, he has been staying up hours past his bedtime, and not taking naps. So by the evening he is usually not much fun to be around. I told him at about 5pm today to go put on his jammies, expecting that it would soon be time for bed. He never came back - went right to sleep on his own. Woohoo! But it was short lived - he came back around at 7, and is now finally in bed at 9:30.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you at the estate sale, I'm glad you found some goodies too! Everything was so tempting, darn budget!;)