Monday, January 9, 2012

No Treats for you!

So it is catch up time...  and I might as well start with a gratuitous shot of our little angel.  This is a couple of months old.  I'm not sure if the dress fits any more.
We did have a nice Halloween, which started with the wonderful Degn Family hosting a party before trick-or-treating.  Dean was Captain Love once again!  Such a versatile shirt this has been, and a versatile "Sweet Pea" costume, used by both Tristan and Cambria. 
I got Kyler the coolest chicken costume ever!  He wore it to school for costume day, but then he thought it would be cooler to go trick or treating as Spiderman and I couldn't talk him out of it.  I saw all kinds of Spidermen, but not a single chicken!
Sadly, Hunter had much classwork to make up (from all that reading in class instead of doing his assignments).  He chose to not make it up, and therefore didn't get to trick or treat.
It took Tristan a while to warm up to the idea of wearing a costume, but he finally relented.  He'd been potty training for some time, and we had even been taking him out of the house in big-boy underwear for some time with nary an accident, but alas, at a post trick or treat party at the Lieutenant Colonel's house, he dropped a mother load right on their floor.  The Lt. Col's wife nearly threw up, as she is pregnant.  We cleaned it up thoroughly then promptly left.  Those are the memories our lives are made of...

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The Merrills said...

Tristan sounds pretty funny at Halloween parties.