Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finders Keepers

I lost my wallet  AGAIN, on New Year's Eve.  Dean and I and Cambria were out on a date and rode the bus to get to a particular all-you-can-eat beef and leaf (lettuce and beef and pork with a few sides).  We found it, but when we were ready to leave I realized my wallet wasn't in my purse.  Ugh.  I either left it on the bus or it fell out of my purse, or maybe I set it down when I was taking my boots off before we entered the restaurant (a must at the sit-on-the-floor places).  I was wearing Baby in carrier, so it's easy to lose track of it while I'm tending to her...  We actually found the same bus we had ridden, but it was not there.  We went to three police stations nearby and filed a report.  We went through all the rig a ma role of canceling all the cards and checks in it, then had to wait until a business day after the holiday to get my ID and ration cards replaced so I could get HOME and on base without having to go to the guard shacks and give my SSN and finger print, AND so that I could go inside the commissary and PX (can't even enter the stores without the ID and ration cards).  Dean's office got a call from the US Embassy on Friday saying that someone had turned the wallet in there, so a counselor in our branch presidency (at church) who works there was able to bring it home.  Yay!  I could say that of course the cash was taken, but I won't.  It didn't have to be stolenI'm extremely grateful that someone turned it in, but that doesn't cancel the stealing out.  It is just as much stealing as pick pocketing or burglary or shoplifting - in case anyone doesn't know that.  I don't know how much cash was in it, but definitely both won and dollars.  Everything else was intact, so I was able to attend the temple today with my temple recommend (yay!)  A lovely lady in the ward with grown children offered to watch kids so that interested people could go.  What a gift of service!  The session was totally full, too, and extra chairs had to be brought in.

On Saturday a "photographer" here was doing  portraits, and we haven't had a family one since we've been here.  I paid our $15 and got a contender for Awkward Family Photos.  Dean always says "You get what you pay for", and sure enough we did. 
What's wrong with this picture?
All the boys acted like they were on a scavenger hunt the whole time we were there for our "session", so I finally had enough and gave Hunter Pants a little pinch.  You'd have thought I took a chunk - my boys are all drama queens.  The "photographer" didn't give him even a moment to compose himself.  I wonder if she'll use this in her portfolio.


Kristal said...

Definitely a keeper in the portfolio! Stinks to lose your wallet, but lucky someone turned it in.

The Merrills said...

Always love the brutally honest posts.

frank.greer said...

The scavenger hunt photo definitely tells a more interesting story than a perfectly composed one. I love it. Your kids look so cute!