Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hot Date

This little lady is the delight of our lives right now.  She is beloved by all.
 Recently, Tristan was menacing Cambria on our bed in the morning, so I told him to get down.  He did, but took a tumble on the way and ended up with a pretty good gash on his forehead near the scalp, that ended up needing stitches.  We haven't needed those since Hunter was a baby and bitten by Pancho.  Tristan was pretty good while they stitched him up in the ER, though he clearly didn't like it, and certainly felt each stitch.  We had planned a lunch date for that day, since Dean had just gotten back from the U.S., so it consisted of Dean picking up some grilled ham n' cheeses from the cafeteria. The staff at the hemophilia clinic were happy to see us again (after the ER), especially Cambria.  

We visited the zoo on Columbus day.  It was surprisingly busy for a Korean work day.  The weather couldn't have been more lovely. 
The highlight for me had to be riding the tram.  It was perfectly peaceful, and they were able accommodate us all, including Cambria in her car seat and a big stroller.

Dean, Kyler and Tristan rode in one seat,
while Hunter, Cambria and I rode in another. The leaves are just starting to turn.  I love the change of colors.
Yesterday we went down to Osan to Ange and Brian's open house at their new love nest.  Their apartment was way cool, like so many Korean apartments.  Since it's on the top floor of their building, it had a loft and an outdoor area.  I would love a loft someday, when I have my dream home.  But that would mean settling down and building something.  Yes, that's my dream.  How many more moves and years stand in the way, I wonder?


The Merrills said...

You seem to always have a good time with the kids!

Kristal said...

There never seems to be a dull moment at your house. Glad Dean is back to help you regain some of your sanity:) Cambria looks so darling in that beautiful dress last post.