Monday, September 19, 2011

Wish you were here

 I took these with my iPod.  Our poor camera flew off the stroller recently and isn't working at all now, not to mention its other issue of letting in too much light.  I've been agonizing long and hard about whether to repair or replace it.  I've found repair places online. This website seems helpful for replacement, along with Consumer Reports, and I'd like to upgrade sooner or later.  Decisions, decisions!

This next one was taken with the real camera before it went airborne, but with its other problems.  Speaking of the Trist-man, he is one defiant potty trainee.  His latest trick is to put his entire booty into the toilet water when he doesn't want to use it (and I put him on the seat), even though he clearly needs to "go".  If my camera was working, I'd have pictures of that to show his friends and girlfriends later!  Dean has suggested that we give up and wait a year, but he clearly knows what to do (he showed his bear how to use the potty the other day), and lately has been dropping his loads closer to, if not in, the pot.  He had no accidents in church yesterday, wearing underwear.

Last week he managed to lock the van with himself and my purse/keys, etc. inside, and baby and me on the outside.  I tried and tried and tried some more to get him to push the right spot on the unlock button, but finally gave up and walked to the main gate to summon the MPs.  They called in a slim jim, but were actually able to get him to unlock it before the slim jim arrived.  That incident made me quite late for a primary meeting, and I had already missed a group exercise that morning thanks to some potty antics.  Serenity now!  Later that day Kyler's teacher called to report on how naughty Kyler had been.  It sounded like tattling as he rattled off all of Kyler's misdeeds for the day.  I'm glad that someone else finally gets to enjoy the boy; it's really been unfair that I've had him all to myself for so very long.

 I went with some ladies from church to visit this traditional village, right here in Seoul.  The pictures are also with the iPod.  It does alright when there's plenty of light.  The basket weaver is in the background, with some of his wares in the foreground. 
 A lady in her hanbok in a traditional house.  I got Tristan to use a urinal for the first time while there.
 This grinds grain, I believe, though probably not with helpers like these.
 Tristan always likes to climb over the "fence" and make people nervous.  He likes the fishies, and pushing his stroller around

Dean is currently in Maryland to visit army research facilities and see if maybe he'd like to become a lab animal vet or pathologist, or do a phD in such things.  It's unlikely that he would, but as he said, "you never know".  He was able to visit his uncle and some cousins in Connecticut before hand.  I'm trying to not completely lose my marbles on the home front, and when it makes sense (some years down the road), I think I'd like to take off at will and let him man the fort while I regain composure somewhere less stressful than home, ha ha.


Dawna Greer said...

Oh my goodness--the joys of raising children and potty training in particular! Your baby is precious! I'm all for you taking off for a vacation while Dean babysits--but good luck getting him to actually do that--mine never would.

The Merrills said...

Cute kids!