Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today . . .

I continued my new habit of reading the Book of Mormon before getting up.  I rarely want to get up in the morning, but have to have breakfast ready by 7 for Hunter on school days, and I nearly always have a hot breakfast on those days.  So, I've learned to justify lounging in bed a little longer if I do it while reading.  It is infinitely more beneficial than what I've otherwise done my whole life, which is wait until I'm drifting off to sleep and try to cram in a few verses that I can't remember afterward.  I actually had a hard time putting it down this morning (I finished it recently and am well into 1 Nephi again), but had to get going about 6:55, which was plenty of time for oatmeal with coconut milk and honey.

I spent the day "helping" Kyler clean his room.  It took all day (it was that bad) but it was rewarding.  Now the hard part - keeping it that way.  Dean usually goes upstairs to tuck them in bed, but tonight I forced myself, in part to see that nothing was left on the floor, and to close his pj drawer.

We didn't leave the house today, so Tristan got to take a full nap.  After his initial grouchiness upon waking three hours later, he was a delight all evening.  He played a "game" with me, in which he would scamper to the kitchen, climb the stool, and bring me two fists full of items from the bucket o' baby - pacifiers, two ounce bottles, bottle caps, etc.

It was hard to stop in Kyler's room, because we were so close to truly being done.  I finally stopped and thought I'd make some butternut squash soup from a recipe book at nearly 6:00, when we generally have dinner, but alas there was not enough time when I read how long it would take to cook the peeled/chopped squash chunks, so Dean had a T-bone that I had already started just for him, and the boys and I had Huevos Becky.  It was all good, and done quickly.   

As I search for recipes online this evening and keep running across delectable-sounding turkey recipes, I only feel a slight twinge of guilt for the remains of two turkeys that I finally had to throw out last week, from the two Thanksgiving dinners we had (which Dean had pulled the meat off of and put in the fridge for me).  I had made a point of buying big turkeys (and there are no grocery store gimmicks here to get them cheap) so that I'd get the most for my money (they all have about the same carcass - the heavier they are, the more meat they have).  We had leftover turkey a couple of times, but sure didn't go through it all.  Oh, well.

Darling Husband and I did the dishes together, which didn't take long at all, and he is always good company.  I'm forever trying to develop the habits recommended by the Fly Lady.  I made the bed yesterday and today; yay for me and for baby steps.

I have been thinking about cookies and finding the best ones to make for a cookie exchange next week, and thinking about having Christmas dinner on Sunday for our Home Teaching group, and thinking what to make for the cubscout bake sale this Saturday, and making something for Hunter's class party on Friday, and possibly doing story time at the library tomorrow morning - which means coming up with a book/craft/snack.  Oh, dear.  I almost never stay up late for such reasons, though.  It will get done, somehow, and done better on enough sleep.


The Merrills said...

Holy cow, you cook a lot.

The Merrills said...

Does Curtis sound a bit jealous in the comment he left above? Uh oh...he must not be satisfied with the tv dinners and mac and cheese he gets around here.

Living Lavallee said...

That's good eatin' for him! After I wrote that, Dean sprung on me that "tomorrow I need 3-4 dozen cookies and a main dish for a potluck at work", so it's been nonstop baking and cooking around here.