Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh, dear

So I went shopping at the commissary yesterday, with all kids in tow. Oh, the joy! The boys helped bring it all in once we got home, which was nice. But toward the evening, I kept wondering in the back of my mind where all the produce was. I figured it must have ended up in one bag. At the commissary, they have baggers who bag it all and take it to the car for you, and load it in the car; their only wages are tips. So, I decided that somehow the bag of produce must not have made it home, and I was all geared up to call the commissary and pitch a fit in the morning. Before I went to bed I saw a paper bag with newspapers in the top sitting on the coffee table in the living room (remember the boys helped). I assumed it was my bag of newspapers (that I don't recycle), and it felt pretty heavy, so I decided it must be time to take it out and throw it in the garbage bin since it was trash night. Then today when I saw the real bag of newspapers right where it should have been (not on the coffee table) I finally had an epiphany, that in fact, it must have been my bag of produce that I threw out!!! So devastating! I work so hard to scrimp and save on groceries and get the best deals on produce, and managed instead to throw out a bag of strawberries, peaches, carrots, apples, oranges, etc. Oh, dear!

On another note, I didn't manage to get Hunter packed up to go to New Mexico before I went into the hospital to have Tristan. So Dean did that, bless his heart. When Hunter got home and I went through his luggage to put things away, I found that Dean had packed a pair of Kyler's Sunday pants for church, and none of Hunter's. I can only imagine what he must have looked like, in my home town/ward, no less, wearing slacks three sizes too small that must have come up to the middle of his calves. Oh, dear. I would have preferred that he wear shorts or jeans or swim trunks or anything but awfully high water pants...

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imbize said...

Ugh! That is a bummer about your groceries! Once, I bought some lean cuisines, and one didn't make it outta the trunk. I could NOT for the life of me figure out what STUNK so bad in that car.... then, I found it... Old, rotting chicken something or other... GROSS. :)