Monday, May 25, 2009


As promised, here are some recent pictures of my square foot gardens.
The one above has different plants in each square. It's lots of fun watching them come up, and it's great for surprises, since I didn't label anything. But it's all things I want, so I'm sure to be happy. I put flowers in a couple of the squares, so it's not just vegies.
Those are peas growing up a trellis on the back. On the front left corner is the summer squash. I'll have to train it to grow away from the rest, as squash plants get very large.

These are mostly cauliflower and broccoli, along with some onions (back left), gladiolus (back middle), hot peppers (front), and a couple of tomato plants.

These are green beans (back right), cayenne peppers (back left - but starting this late I don't necessarily expect them to produce this year), and I forget (maybe pumpkin and cucumber) up front - I may try to trellis them up the deck rail as they get bigger.

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The Merrills said...

I'm so impressed with your zeal to have a garden. I wonder how you come up with the motivation to do it...