Monday, March 23, 2009

More Kylerisms

So Kyler refreshed my memory recently with some of his words and phrases. One word that he has made up is "bumbo". I really have no idea what it means, and it has more than one context. He uses it when referring to eggs, i.e. "are we having egg bumbos?" or "I want to bumbo the eggs". Could it mean scramble/scrambled? But then the other day he was wanting some "bumbo cereal", so I really don't know.

Hunter used the "words", if you will, "sour", "dower" and "tower" constantly when he was about two. They were all-purpose words that worked for any occasion as far as he was concerned.

My favorite Kylerism is his word for fungus, which is "humungus". Dean doesn't like to eat grapes (the man seriously eats 5 or more servings of fruit a day, but doesn't like grapes) because he says they usually taste like they have fungus (he is a super taster). So Kyler picked up on that, and often accuses the grapes of having a "humungus".


Unknown said...

What about Jasper, Gomer, Homer, Stryder, Rufus?

Living Lavallee said...

I actually have been thinking about Stryder - one of the awesome characters from LOTR was named Stryder.

Unknown said...

Or Chester, Casper, Lester, Ryder, Cutter, Raeder, Blazer, Laser, Breaker?

Unknown said...

Or Taybor? What about Taybor? Are you even taking my suggestions seriously? Do you even read these comments?