Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Since Dean's been gone (over two months now, less than one to go), I occasionally let Kyler sleep with me. Hunter feels left out, and has been begging for the same privilege. So I finally relented and let them both sleep with me recently. I learned that Hunter talks in his sleep. He said (among other things that I don't remember) "I didn't do it". Sure you didn't! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Last night I was actually sleeping alone and heard a thud in the night. Then Hunter appeared and told me that "it feels like someone kicked me in the head". I'm guessing he fell out of bed. I sent him packing. Then he appeared again later insisting that he must sleep with me. I relented and in he climbed. Then a while later Kyler appeared, wondering where Hunter was, as he climbed into bed. I was too tired to fight it... The alarm went off and I stayed in bed for a while, then finally ordered Hunter out of bed, as he's the one who needs to get to the bus, and it takes the boy way too long to do the simplest things (put on shoes - 10 minutes). He tried to continue sleeping, but I pulled him out of bed and marched him off. Funny, though, I didn't hear anything from upstairs (our bedroom is downstairs), so I went up to investigate, and wouldn't you know, he had crawled back into bed and was snoring away. He told me that he had been up most of the night. The daylight savings change is always hard!

Kyler got the hiccups today. He thought he was burping, so I explained that it was hiccups. Both the boys always seem to think that anything that goes wrong is somehow my fault. He said to me "You don't hurt my hups!" His speech still isn't terribly clear; I can usually understand him, but often have to translate for other people. He's even made up a few words of his own (he called nuts "nuffins" for some time). When he and my mom and I were driving out here from Oregon, he had learned a few phrases that he would use indiscriminately. For instance, if he had unbuckled himself from his carseat, and we would tell him to buckle back up, he would say "I don't [re]member that!" and ignore us. One of his favorite phrases these days is "after soon", meaning some time in the future: "After soon can we go to the park?"

We've been with Progressive for our car insurance for a few years now. When we moved to Carlsbad, NM after Dean finished vet school, they were a lot cheaper than State Farm, whom we had been with for several years. But, I've been thinking for a while that the premiums seemed awfully high, for responsible people who haven't had accidents in many years... So with the premium being due soon for nearly $700, for two very modest cars, I finally called Geico to get a quote, and wouldn't you know, it was about $300 cheaper (for 6 months). I only wish I had compared sooner - so much money down the drain!

And, nine years ago today, Dean and I tied the knot. He called this morning to wish me a Happy Anniversary, and I got a sweet card from him on Saturday. I usually don't like reading mushy stuff people write on their blogs, but I will say that the Lord knew what he was doing when He sent Dean my way. When I first looked at him (on more than one occasion) I didn't think he was "my type", whatever that means. But he was persistent and once I got to know him, I fell hard and fast. I am daily aware of what a blessing he is in my life, and I can't imagine that I could have ever found anyone more suited to me. He treats me like a queen, and I am constantly in awe of his wisdom, character, ambition, determination, knowledge, patience, humor, wit, intelligence, steadfastness, faithfulness, and so much more. I love you, Darling!


imbize said...

Happy anniversary! I feel your pain with little boys trying to share your bed! If one comes in, the other is sure to follow! Makes me crazy! I've started bribing them to sleep in their own beds. Works for
Wyatt. He loves "prizes". Chase... he could care less. He just wants his own way..whatever that may be. :) Unfortunately, Chase is the one that makes the most noise in his sleep!

Dawna Greer said...

You're boys sound so funny! I remember well the nights when more than one little gremlin would try to get into bed with us. Seems there wasn't much sleep for any of us in those days!
Congratulations on 9 years! Dean has always seemed like a wonderful person to us. Glad you'll soon be back together.

reed said...

Happy Anniversary! I really can't stand having kids in my bed. Drives me crazy! I know, one more mark against me ever getting "good mother" status. Oh well!

SaraBerry said...

I know that you love Gieco, but because you are military, you should look into USAA.com We do all of our checking, insurance, etc with them. They are awesome! FREE checks, checking, reembursements on ATM fees. the best part is we pay $57 a month for full coverage auto insurance. Look into it! You won't be sorry.
Love ya, Sara

SaraBerry said...

Oh ya! Happy Anniversary!

I could never sleep with kids in my bed, so I use to make a bed on the floor for them, before I went to bed. Then when they would come in, I would give them a choice of their bed, or the floor. They chose the floor, but eventually they just stayed in their own beds. Good luck!