Friday, November 21, 2008

the crazy things kids say

So I went upstairs this morning to check on Hunter, to be sure that he was on schedule for getting ready. He actually gets up on his own around 6am, without an alarm. But sometimes he falls a little behind; he does have a digital clock in his room. So as I approach the room he is discussing with Kyler how important it is for poop to go in the toilet, because of all the germs. Wow, all my lectures have sunk in! He is perfect about washing his hands, for that reason, and is good about brushing his teeth, as he doesn't want them to fall out, as I have suggested they will otherwise. Based on a recent unspeakable incident involving Kyler and the subject matter, we still have work to do with him. I swear, no one tells you all that is to come when you sign up for the parenthood thing, because we might just become extinct otherwise!

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