Sunday, August 28, 2011

Look Into My Eyes

 Exhibit A  Kyler pretending to sleep.  Note, I would not give Cambria to a truly sleeping Kyler, and he is now missing his two front teeth.  He is our most eager baby holder, which is a great help when Mom is trying to fix dinner, or help Tristan, or answer the phone, or extract respectable behavior from the boys . . .  Turns out that having four is more work than, say,  three, or two, or one.  She is a wonderful baby, though, and if she is well fed, usually just needs to be swaddled and given a pacifier to be happy.  And of course she loves to be held.  Apparently girl babies need to be looked at a lot in order to feel loved.  I have certainly noticed that she will gaze into my eyes for a long time when I'm holding her or nursing her.  I love it! 
 Exhibit B  Tristan loves all things Cambria, including hair ornaments.  Frankly, his hair is more spectacular than hers at this point, and probably for a long time to come.  He modeled head gear Thursday morning, before banging the bridge of his nose while playing on the couch at home.  The juicy hematoma is now draining between his eyes. It looks like a rainbow-y horn. 
 Exhibit C.1  A horn is not enough.  Here his chipped tooth is visible.  His play is getting more H&K like.  He has been in training for two years, after all.  It happened soon after the horn.  I must again sing the praises of Oxiclean.  It got all the dark chocolate and pink Crystal Light out of this white shirt.  It comes in a spray bottle, a gel tube, or a jug.  I have the jug and use a toothbrush to apply it to such indiscretions.
 Exhibit C.2  All dressed up for church.  Trist-man was not cooperative and wouldn't be coaxed into this picture.  Our camera has decided to become crappy of late.  Sometimes it takes decent pictures, and more often it does this.  I have the urge to spend a lot to get a decent one, since Cambria is growing so fast.  She doesn't look like a newborn anymore - no longer red and wrinkly, and I fear I've missed too much already.  Of course it would take time to research and figure out what camera to buy, and I just don't seem to have enough of that lately.  For all I know maybe it is just on some weird setting; I need to look in the manual under "crappy".
 Exhibit C.3  She and I are wearing the same outfits as the last time we took a Sunday picture.  I haggled a bit off my side-swept bangs and am trying out this look.  I kinda like it, but need to have them trimmed by a pro. 
 Exhibit C.4  Proud Papa.  He said today that he is surprised at just how excited I am about having a girl.  Really?  I've been wanting girl babies for 10 YEARS.  I took a walk up to Itaewon yesterday to the antique district and drooled over many lovely things, and pondered many ideas for a girlie bedroom.  Of course I'll have to wait until she's out of her baby-hood.  I did find the most adorable (new) round, velvet, button-tufted purple pillow, that will go beautifully in her bedroom some day.   
 Exhibit C.5  The uncooperative one.  He needed a nap, but looked so cute in his three-piece suit that I got Daddy-o to wrangle him into a crappy-camera picture, horn and all.


Skousen Seven said...

You sure don't have any dull moments in your family:) The pictures are all adorable, even with Tristan and his horn. He is one cute kid!! Cambria is growing up way too fast:( Its a lot more fun to dress up little girls than boys! You enjoy her, you deserve all the girly stuff that goes with having a girl!!!

The Merrills said...

Cute pix and stories!

Dawna Greer said...

Ditto for me! Cute pictures, adorable kids, lots of drama. Hang in there :)

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I love your stories! Even if they are at your expence:) Even though your camera is not up to par it sure caught you looking like a hot little momma:) Someday....maybe someday you will wish you could turn back time to enjoy some of these little moments you are experiencing. Hopefully Tristan can make to through this little 'bump' in the road.

Kristal said...

Sophie would look at me forever when I nursed her too. I loved it. Cambria is getting so big and chubby! I love the blessing dress you and your mom made for her. So beautiful!

our big bus said...

Yes life with kids. I would like to say it gets easier, but I have all stages of kids at this time and Drama is our middle name over here.
4 more days until school starts so I hope to get into a routine again since the big move.

7 kids all new schools and Doyle's home office internet is not working so he sits in the kitchen with everyone coming and going.