Monday, April 4, 2011

Beware the Bean!!!

I LOVE the trap door on the back of Tristan's jammies.  I made the three big pillows that the boys play on daily from curtain panels and memory foam (leftover from a former home and a mattress topper).
A week ago I made my final district primary visit to Camp Humphreys Branch.  It is over an hour away and it was nice to be able to leave the kids with Dean, since he's HOME now (yay!!!).  It went well, and then this Saturday we had our semi-annual district primary activity at the chapel on the temple grounds - which enables the parents to attend  the temple (the district covers the entire peninsula) while the kids are at the activity.  I was released from the calling the next day, since I'm now in our own branch primary presidency.

Tristan enjoys riding on Daddy's shoulders as much as the other boys did.
So, we were having our home teaching group over after church for dinner, and I made chili in the slow cooker for an easy meal, since I would be getting home after the family/guests.  We always look forward to having them over.  Only Angela was able to make it this time - and maybe that's a good thing.  A few hours after eating, Dean mentioned that he didn't feel quite right.  Hunter said something about feeling like he could throw up.  I had the very same sort of feeling, and eventually I did throw up my two bowls of chili with fritos, and dessert.  Then I continued to have other unpleasant gastrointestinal anomalies and threw up some more throughout the evening.  I went to bed, and all was over with.

Family Home Evening - can you count four sets of legs?

Yesterday Angela asked me at church if we were OK last Sunday.  Apparently she had the very same issues and had looked up KIDNEY BEANS online, since that's what I used for the chili.  I usually use pintos, or black or red beans, but thought I would try these for a change.  I also usually "quick soak" them since I don't plan ahead, and if I decide to make chili for dinner at 4pm, it is still ready by 6pm this way.  But since I planned ahead for this I soaked them overnight, then changed the water and put them in the crock pot around 7 in the morning on low.  They were still a little "crunchy" when we had them at 2pm.  They were never boiled, and now we all learned a lesson!  At least Dean and the kids didn't have the violent manifestations that I did.  Lesson learned!!!

The post-FHE show.  It's no wonder that Tristan ends up with horrible bumps and bruises, but he loves playing with the brothers.


Dawna Greer said...

Sorry for your bean-o whammy--no fun! Your crock must have a lower setting than mine because even on low it boils. So glad Dean is finally home again. Bet he is happiest of all!!

The Merrills said...

At least you're positive about the experience

Adriane said...

Wow, thanks for the warning!! I had never heard that!! No fun :(

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