Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flood my donuts

It is raining buckets here today.  We had to wade through this to move our cars, and Dean had to bucket some water out of his.  Tomorrow is Chusok, the biggest Korean holiday of the year, so travelers are probably not enjoying the rain.  I thought the monsoon season was over already.  Dean was sent home from work around 1pm today because of the rain.
Sometimes it's easier to have a quick bath downstairs when we do unspeakable things beyond the confines of our diapers.
"And it came to pass that they slept upon their swords that night, and on the morrow they fought again, and they contended in their might with their swords and with their shields, all that day."
"And it came to pass that they slept upon their swords that night"
Kyler will play with anyone, any time.  This guy was working on the roof of our building.

We're overdue for signage.

The translation here is "good luck merging".

We tried some Pizza Hut.  The price for a large pizza was 34,000 Won, which is about $30.  Since I walked in and carried it out (maybe instead of delivery or eating in?) they knocked off about 7,000 Won.
The yellowish ring just outside the topping (not the crust and not the white) is pureed sweet potatoes.  I liked it, Dean didn't.
I finally made it into Dunkin' Donuts.  These were pretty good.


Haylee said...

Gotta love the rain! I'm glad that they let Dean come home from work. The pizza looks interesting and the doughnuts look yummy.

Adriane said...

Holy rain!! Okay, I loooove the scripture quotes with the pictures... so funny! And the signs never fail to make me laugh out loud!!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I can't believe the rain! Send some our way.
I loved the signs. So funny:)

The Merrills said...

I like to blame it on the rain--'cause the rain don't mind. You've got to blame it on something!

Dawna Greer said...

The signs you always come up with are crazy. I love the Korean translation into English! The pictures of your boys and scripture quotes are great. Hurray for Rain--send it our way!