Saturday, June 12, 2010

So Many Goodbyes

The major came down to make an appearance for Dean's farewell, as well as the retirement and PCS of two other soldiers.  The soldiers had the nicest things to say about Dean and his work.  He was given an Arcom medal, a plaque, and a certificate detailing his achievements.  Tristan and I were proud of him!

Tristan and Tristan played surprisingly well together. 
Kyler will surely miss his buddy Kadance, with whom he spent many exciting hours.
And I will sorely miss Liz, he handiest, craftiest lady I know!
More sweet kiddos that are ever so fun and will be missed. 
Their moms are uber fun, and shining pillars of service!  Summer, Shayna and Kristen are out of this world.
Candice is a wonder from down under, and Brisbane is a "model" baby.
Heidi is hands down the most fabulous host I know!  Amazing, inspiring, angelic!
Brynn  makes the most incredible quilts, and is ever brimming with knowledge.
Michelle and Ethan are wonderful neighbors.  "Mr. Tim" didn't make any of my pictures.  Life in the cul-de-sac wouldn't have been the same without him!
Adriane is the most tirelessly devoted mom I've ever seen.
Matt has the best backyard ever, and the cutest Kloe. 
Kristi has been most studious and even braved cleaning the teeth of Master Kyler as part of her hygienist training, not to mention my visiting teaching companion, neighbor and friend.
Haylee has been the best friend I could have asked for. Somehow her husband Nate ended up babysitting for us on a few occasions...

Goodbyes are always so hard!  We will certainly miss all the wonderful people we got to know in North Carolina.


***** said...

We miss you madly already!!! You are so wonderful and I am so jealous of those luckysnots that you are moving across the world to.
I love you forever. Keep close.

Anonymous said...

I've kept checking in to see your progress on your road trip...we miss you!!! Don't become a stranger...I need an address to mail something to you! Love you and miss you!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I really hate good byes too! This next phase of your life will be so exciting though!

Adriane said...

Aww... aren't you sweet? I'm looking pretty tired in that picture though... bleh! Get this girl some make-up! Ha ha.

We'll miss you guys; I wish we had been here longer together. Oh well, now you're off to your fabulous new exotic overseas life and we'll be living vicariously through you... :)

Haylee said...

Goodbyes are the worst and I'm no good at them. I'm tearing up reading your post. It makes it more real that you're really gone. Thanks again for everything that you have done for me. I don't think I ever thanked you enough for being there for me through a rough time in my life. Love always and stay in touch. I hope our paths cross again soon.