Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dean gave me an orchid last year for Mothers Day. It bloomed soon after. And now it is blooming again! My black thumb has perhaps become brown over the years, maybe even with a hint of green. He gave me a couple of more orchids for Valentines Day last year. One has long since been laid to rest, and the other got chewed up by Bob - our cat whom I lost on the 3,000 mile drive from OR to NC last September - that's a story for another time. It is still alive, though (the orchid - can't say for sure about Bob), but hasn't bloomed since it did initially. All the orchids made the trip across country, so it is a wonder any of them are alive.

And, in the garden we've harvested lots of peas, radishes, and now tomatoes. My mom spent a lot of time working in the garden while she was here, which was very nice. She replanted a lot of the squares, and now new things are coming up. The gladioluses are blooming and are beautiful! There are a couple of colors in them, though that may be hard to see in the picture. The dominant color is fuschia, with a lighter shade of pink on the inside of the blossoms.

While here my mom also organized some shelves and closets, worked on my mending pile, completed a couple of sewing projects, had the boys pulling weeds outside, and swept and organized in the garage! Thanks, Mom!

Tristan is doing great, and sleeps most of the day. My milk has come in, so he doesn't need to nurse constantly, although he likes to be latched on for much of the night. If that's what it takes for me to get to sleep overnight, then I don't mind. I got that pacifier out for Tristan to use, and he liked it. Then Kyler came across it and bit the nipple right off. Thanks, kid. That reminds me of nursing him... I lasted 12 months minus 2 days with him. Since Tristan came home Kyler has been a little bit more independent. He made himself a peanut butter and jam sandwich for the first time, and has learned to pour himself soda and juice from the fridge. I don't usually have those around, but I've been having trouble drinking enough, so they help.

Dean had to leave early this morning for the AVMA convention. He was very sad to leave us behind. He'll probably spend a little time at an Army booth. Last year he enjoyed talking with some of the Army vets at the convention, which helped him decide to join, so he's happy to put in some time there. They are required to wear their uniforms while there, so they are easy to spot.

We spent the afternoon and evening yesterday at the beach with Penny and Steve, who are staying in a beach condo until they move away in a couple of weeks. That was fun, and Dean enjoyed boogie boarding for the first time. I sat in a chair with Tristan, who slept the whole time. Penny made some delicious, authentic, Chinese and Philipino food.


Anonymous said...

Love how your garden boxes are doing- you're my inspiration! I hope you are doing OK with Dean and Hunter gone. Tristan is absolutely handsome, can't wait to meet him!

reed said...

What beautiful flowers!

Congratulations, by the way on your newest addition! He sure is sweet. I am glad everything went okay, besides all the pain and grief, of course.

I always enjoy reading your blog. Reed and I always crack up reading about the shenanigans of Kyler!

Take care--Sara

Kristal said...

Congratulations! He is such a cutie! Can't wait to see more pictures of him!

SaraBerry said...

Tristan is so cute! I am very impressed with the garden boxes. I am going to try that! ASAP! Sounds like you are doing well. Go ARMY!

Nat said...

Tristan is so cute. Congrats!

imbize said...

Don't you love when moms come and help and organize?! My mom came over one morning at 5am to pull weeds! LOL Love it. :) Cute baby boy too! So sweet.

***** said...

That is a CUTE baby you have, you are such a good mam and I am super jealous of your garden. You are fabulous. And again, you look incredible!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Looking at your garden makes me look outside my house and get depressed. I wish I knew how to grow things in the desert. Plus we have no soil, just a yard full of rocks. yuck.
Tristan is so cute and I love the blanket he is wrapped in. Can't wait for all the little cousins to get to play together!