Friday, January 16, 2009

Ft Sam Houston

So Dean left two weeks ago for the long drive to San Antonio, TX for him to go through OBC (officer basic leadership course). So far it's been fine for him, except for some minor issues with his roomie, an African Muslim who is a physician's assistant. The guy likes to watch whatever porn comes on HBO. He asked Dean if he didn't watch porn with his wife! Yeah right! Dean asked if porn was ok for Muslims, which they guy seems to think so. He finally turned it off when Dean told him he was going to buy some bacon and sausage and cook it up in their room and eat it in front of him. He is enjoying the classes so far, and passed the physical fitness test, although was disappointed that he didn't score as well as he did here on it. He is coming home for the four-day holiday weekend (in the military at least) in February. We're getting used to carrying on without him here at the homestead, but miss him terribly. The children actually behave a little better in church when he's not there to fight over. He'll be done with Texas in early April.


coxandroberts said...

Good for your husband! Smart. I am glad he is doing well otherwise. The hardest part is all the seperations and training. I am so glad Don was roomies with a really good friend for recruiting school.

Dawna Greer said...

April is a long way off! No fun playing Mom and Dad at the same time. Hopefully all will go well with you and your pregnancy while Dean is away and that you are feeling well. Glad he figured a strategy to win one.

DMo said...

It was nice to look at your blog and see how your family is doing since you left Astoria.

Glad Dean nipped the pornography thing with his roommate in the bud right off the bat. Clever way to do it too. :-)

Maybe he can heal his roomie's addiction over the next three months...or get another roommate.

Hopefully this will be last time he has to be apart from you for so long. Pray you and the kids and the baby are doing well in the interim!

P.S.--In response to your question about baby B, she does have a red tint to her really shows up in pictures. And I'm kind of getting used to pink. It makes folding laundry a lot easier. :-)