Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Honk

So Hunter recently came home from school and told us all about the Incredible Honk. Dean and I thought it was pretty funny, and even suggested that he could be "the Honk" for halloween, for which he was delighted. I've enrolled him in a dance class again, this time Tap, and they got to dress in their costumes for class this week. I find the "Honk" costumes in the stores to be pretty ugly, not to mention over priced, and part of the fun of the character is the lack of much costume, so I just painted him green and tore up some old clothes, and he thought it was great, and other people could tell just what he was, so it works for me!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some spots on Kyler, and he was a little clingier and whinier than usual. He proceeded to develop a fever, and was willing to nap on the sofa, so I figured he must have the chicken pox. As far as I know he's been vaccinated, but Dr. Dean says they aren't 100%. The only place he really could have picked it up is the nursery at church. Oh, well. He was sick for the day, then quite back to normal. He looks so angelic sleeping . . . there next to his gun.


Heidi said...

So great to see a comment from you!! Your blog is so fun!! I can't wait to spend some time with you. My life should be a bit more normal here soon enough. Hope you are well - Heidi

imbize said...

I tell ya, The Nursey is a BREEDING ground for sickness! I'm no fan of it myself...except for the 2 hour break it gives me from my clingy child. :)