Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twin Corn

One of my very favorite foods, since childhood, is fresh sweet corn on the cob. So I always like to buy it in the summer. I picked out one particularly large ear. When I was shucking it at home, it turned out to be a twin, with a small, underdeveloped ear next to, but inside, part of the husks of the fully formed ear. I thought it was cool! I've seen twin carrots (look like pants).

Dean left yesterday for the 3,000 mile drive to Jacksonville, NC. We decided against sending Hunter with him. Not knowing where we'll be living, he'd probably end up changing schools anyway, which was my concern.

Meanwhile I'm still painting and getting the house in shape and hoping for a buyer.

I took Hunter in for a hearing test yesterday, and for the first time he has *normal* hearing! We already knew that as he could actually hear us, but they wanted to be sure the surgery was successful in that regard. He can hear the lyrics to music when we're driving in the car, and he overheard a conversation Dean and I were having, also in the car, that was not meant for him. And we had the PIC line taken out on Monday, so all is well in that department.

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