Monday, July 14, 2008

the lone cherry

This past week we all were outside in the back yard one evening. I had been laying out mulch around some young fruit trees I bought and planted in the winter. Dean came home and I was showing him what I had done. He happened to notice a single cherry on this particular tree. It was somewhat hidden among the flowers. The tree is about 3 feet tall. The cherry was a beautiful dark red. He picked it, and he and I sampled it. It was the sweetest cherry I have ever tasted! I made a point of buying fruit trees that give sweet fruit, as I can't stand tart fruit. So, we enjoyed our harvest. The boys were, of course, clamoring for a bite, but after Dean had a nibble, then I tried to nibble, it started to fall apart so I slurped it up before it fell on the ground - leaving none for the boys. Oh, well for them!


Regina said...

MMMMM! My new venture this year was strawberries, I decided planting new fruits would be better received than new vegetables! We get a few each day and I always have to debate about sharing them or just devouring them myself on the way into the house.

Dawna Greer said...

That one cherry sounds yummy! I'm jealous! No fruit here this year except tiny wild grapes (which do make good jelly).