Thursday, August 5, 2010

pull my stick

Our new ward celebrated pioneer day and had such events as stick pulling.  Hunter lost to this bigger boy.  But he did win the spitting contest - watermelon seeds, that is.

Kyler fared well in his category.
Dean won once,
and lost once.

And I won the jar of jelly beans .  There were 313; I guessed 308.

This last Saturday we drove to Camp Red Cloud, north of Seoul.  This smoke stack and other such items of industry were lovely and painted .

Sea cucumbers, anyone?

Or perhaps some sea slugs?  These were outside a restaurant, waiting to be dined on.

We opted for this "sit down" place; Dean's been wanting to take us.  They cooked the food on a grill in front of us.  Most of it was delish, although there were lots of things that I wasn't adventurous enough to try (still can't imagine eating jelly fish).  It was fun, but the top of Dean's foot has been numb ever since.  We were parked down an alley in front of some houses, probably in private parking spaces.  I said half jokingly that we should just park on the sidewalk.  By the time we came out, someone else had.

On Friday evening we drove to Nandaemun, a large, outdoor shopping market.  We had been there before, only it's much nicer when it is not raining.  It's not cheap, and the vendors don't haggle much.  We ate at this place for dinner - spent a lot and got not so much.  We paid about the same as the "sit down" place.

I keep an eye on fashion trends.  This is not uncommon to see (mixed florals). 

A lot of men wear capri-style pants and such.  Not too many look like this.  I don't think those glasses have lenses.
I never tire of good signage.

Yesterday Kyler was having a late breakfast.  He wondered what to do when Tristan came along wanting handouts.  I suggested that he share. 
Tristan helping unload the dishwasher.  He only screamed for a moment.
I've been weaning the babe, and he's having a hard adjustment.  As with the other boys, cows' milk makes him break out in a rash.  I just can't see how it's good for him/us; that's a constant topic of disagreement around here.  I've stopped giving it to him and the rash is going away.  Soy is no good - full of estrogen.  Rice drink is just simple sugars.  I have decided to continue nursing once in the morning and once before bed, but I'm tired of pulling it out in public, or all day for that matter, just because he would rather do that than eat food.  And, I am going to try making almond milk for him to drink.


The Merrills said...

Such an informative post! What a sweet smoke stack. Will you adopt some of the fashion?

Truthislight said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed my way through this post!! I haven't read blogs in ages but I've been thinking about you and wondering what adventures you're having. By the way, you look absolutely radiant in the family picture! So beautiful! I have too much to say so perhaps I'll just email you. Give my love to your boys and know that we're thinking about you. Life at home isn't the same without you. Much love.

imbritney said...

such an adventure!!!! I'm glad you're documenting it for all of us to share. :)