Sunday, August 3, 2014

3 not 2

 We enjoyed a lovely visit from my mom for nearly a month.  She came after the baby was born.  She did so many helpful things like read a lot with Kyler, Tristan and Cambria, not to mention mending many books, and many articles of clothing that had been piling up in my mending basket for months and years.  

 Tristan is a creative boy and spends his days finding uses for googly eyes, among many other activities.  Cambria is an eager disciple.
 We celebrated the Little Miss turning the big 3 on June 14th.  She tells everyone she meets that she is "3, not 2 any moie" (she resists saying most "r's".  If you ask her what her name is she will now say "3", where as she used to say "2".  We even convinced her for a month or so that since she was 3, and not a baby any more, that she didn't need pacifiers any more.  She agreed for a bit, but can no longer resist helping herself to the baby's pacifiers when they are within reach...


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