Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pray for Pokemon

Kids really do say the darndest things.  I came downstairs the other day to find Hunter and Kyler kneeling in solemn prayer.  They explained that they were praying for help to find the Pokemon (Game Cube) game.  Their pleadings were answered this morning when they found it shoved in the VCR (Tristan?).  No wonder it hasn't been working for a while.  Two birds with one stone on that one!

Hunter has brown eyes like me, Kyler has blue eyes like my dad, and Tristan has hazel eyes like Dean.
I picked up Kyler from preschool the other day and he went into a tirade about how long it has been since he has had crab to eat, and demanded to know why I haven't taken him to a restaurant to eat some.  I explained that Daddy and I have no intention of taking ill-behaved children to a restaurant.  So he said that Daddy and he would catch some in the ocean the next time we go to the beach, or why didn't we buy some in the store for him to eat...  Maybe when his birthday rolls around again.

Kyler recently lost his second tooth (both bottom middle).  He tried to get me to pull it out, but that's not what I do, so it came out on its own just fine. He trimmed his hair (again) a while back, so it's still in recovery mode for a while.
Tristan has been speaking a bit more, and understands quite a bit.  He used to say "nnnnnnuh!" for "no", but now he actually says "no".  He says "Mommy!" and "Daddy" a lot, and now says "hi!" and "bye!" to the gate guards every time we go through the gates on base.  He also says "MY!" for "mine", which he actually learned from me when I won't let him have something that is clearly not for him.  He says "nooo" for "nose" as well, and "go" when he wants to go somewhere (usually with shoes in hand and coat on).  His favorites are "baby" and "pee pee".  He identifies every infant and tot he sees, including himself in the mirror as "BABY".  The other is a result of having older brothers. He says "gaw gaw" for "I need a drink".  I love all his babyisms!  Now it's time to get going on the potty training.  I don't intend to have two in diapers at the same time.

We had these pictures taken recently on base.  We couldn't get Tristan to smile, but he's still a cutie!


Truthislight said...

Oh, they're gorgeous!! And A GIRL??? Whoa, Beck, WHOA!! You're way ahead of me... how on earth did you humble yourself so quickly after #3? The Lord had His work cut out with me, but eventually I do listen sometimes, and here we are. So what if life truly is complete chaos...
(Insert psychotic laughter)
Miss y'all bunches! Been thinking of you so much lately, so glad you shouted out! Much love!

Dawna Greer said...

Love your posts and the cute pictures of your boys!

Unknown said...

I thought Gene Merrill had green eyes.

Kristal said...

Man, if looks could kill! Tristan's face is so funny!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I love the pictures of your boys! Your little girl will have her hands full with her three older brothers:) I bet they will be so good though:) Loved the Pokemon story:)