Saturday, June 13, 2009

mmm, Steak

So maybe this isn't blog worthy, but I really don't know if I've ever bought T-bones in our 9 years of marriage. Dean thinks maybe I did once. They are just so pricey! But, they are on sale this week, so I bought two for us - no sense in wasting good food on the boys. They actually did have a few bites of mine. It turned out pretty good, or at least Mr. Food Connoisseur (Dean) thought it was good, and we don't even have a grill. I used Montreal steak seasoning and olive oil like I do with most all cuts of meat, and our "grilling pan", which has raised grooves to give the appearance of having been on the grill. And, I picked up some fresh corn on the cob today, which is one of my all-time favorite foods. The boys love it too, although these days Hunter insists on having his cut off the cob for him because he always has loose/missing teeth (lost another this week).

I also took the boys swimming at a nice outdoor pool on the base today, with some friends. We were there about three hours. They had a ball, of course. I was looking for carpal tunnel relief. I've read that being in the water is somewhat like an all-over compression stocking and might help relieve the agony. It helps. It would really help if Tristan decided it was time to head on out!

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KaNdRa and JaReD said...

We don't have steak very often either but I love it when we do! What a great meal to have before the little one comes!