Sunday, March 29, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Today a friend invited the boys and me to go to their battalion's scavenger hunt for the kiddos. The boys loved getting to dress and act like pirates, hunt for clues, follow a map, get prizes and eat yummy food.

After that we went to the playground for a few minutes, ran an errand, then came home. By then I was worn out and swollen! Both the boys got to feel the baby jumping around in my belly today. Kyler didn't know what to make of it and ran off. Hunter thought it was great, and wondered why baby would be jumping around in there. We are still working on names... We are counting down the last week of Dean's current training - he should be back by next weekend, for a week anyway!

On Thursday evening I took the boys to a birthday party at ChuckeCheese for a classmate of Hunter's. It's not my favorite place to go, but they, of course, had lots of fun.

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Dawna Greer said...

I love the little pirate costumes--the boys look so cute! What a neat idea for a party. Swelling doesn't sound fun. Ugh! Good luck with your pregnancy.